Genuine Honda Engine Oil Filter

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Oil filters are designed to filter out metallic powder or other contaminants generated within the oil due to oxidation, such as varnish or sludge, and return clean oil free of contaminants to the engine. If the oil filter becomes blocked and the relief valve remains open, contaminants cannot be removed from the oil and are circulated within the engine, which may result in engine damage.



The filter stores a unique series of folds to increase its surface area, resulting in superior filtration and operating life.

When the engine is stopped, the design of these filters prevents oil from draining from oil channels throughout the engine. This ensures that oil is supplied to required areas as soon as the engine is restarted.


Honda Genuine Oil Filters are tested for each series of engine and manufactured to provide optimal filtration


2-10 DAYS

Part NO. 15400-RTA-003 MADE IN JAPAN