About Us

The Dream Journey so far…..

At the start of 2023 we acquired our 4th development vehicle, the last purely I.C.E Type R, a crystal black pearl FL5 Civic Type R. We featured it on a series of YouTube videos, propelling our channel upwards due to the high interest in the new model CTR. Shortly after owning the car, we got it on the dyno and found that it made much higher figures than quoted by Honda! We got it fully painted corrected and protected in a very unique ProFilm Green Diamond PPF. With the FL5 Type R raising the bar, we wanted to make sure we did the same with products for the car. We sent the car off to Nitron for development of their Roadsport coilovers which provide the perfect balance between a daily-able and track-able suspension setup. We once again gave the car to our friends at Eventuri so they could begin developing their carbon fibre intake system. We also released our very own forged wheels, the Dream Spirit-R, a tailor made wheel for the FK2, FK8 and FL5 Type R. In June of 2023 we visited the Nurburgring, handed the car over to Misha Charoudin who put the car to the ultimate test. This gave us huge amount of valuable data as well as priceless feedback from a professional driver. We continue to power on through 2023 and look forward to what comes in the last few months of the year!  

We entered 2022 at full steam, building up our new time attack car and showing the process on our YouTube channel which was now also beginning to grow rapidly. We worked closely with Powerflex during this time to bring out a line of bush kits to the market for the FK8, a product which has proven to be extremely popular. We hosted our first ever cars and coffee, named 'THE GREAT FK'ING COFFEE MORNING' in partnership with Petrolheadonism. The biggest highlight of the year was displaying at Goodwood: Festival of Speed for the first time with our now finished Time Attack car. After summer we thought the year would begin to slow down - we were wrong! We were contacted by Jonny Smith from The Late Brake Show to build an engine for his Austin Allegro sleeper project, of course we said yes! Jonny, being the legend that he is, invited us along to an exclusive early look at the FL5 Type R launch, we were pleased to be some of the very first people in the UK to see the car in the metal, get some high quality imagery and a video with the car. We closed this incredible year off with another FK'ing Coffee Meet which was bigger and better than the first, some long awaited track time in our Time Attack car and the release of a full race harness for the FK2 Type R! 

Moving out of lockdown and into 2021, we started pushing further forward again with the development of intercoolers and oil cooler kits for the FK8 along with getting our workshop back up to full speed. We acquired ex-Honda UK, Synchro Motorsport's endurance racecar, alongside enough spares to last us a life time, with the view of giving it a new life as a time attack weapon!

2020 COVID-19?! - Like all businesses in the industry, we were forced to hold back in what we were doing with our development and workshop activity due to the lockdown and restrictions. One highlight from 2020 was that we were able to source the all electric Honda-e ZC7 as a development car and started to develop efficiency focused modifications.

In 2019 we entered our first competitive race season with our own development car and were crowned the UK Time Attack 2WD Champions. Throughout this season of racing we gather some priceless data about the FK8 Type R platform as well as putting our line-up of race spec products through the most extreme conditions. We're proud to say that our products performed flawlessly which meant we were able to put them into full production so we could stock them and ship them to FK8's globally.

By 2018 it was time for new home for Dream. Based in the north of Luton, our new premises allowed for a drastic increase in warehouse stock capacity along with the ability to create a purpose built workshop, kitted out with state of the art alignment ramps, a 4wd Dyno Dynamics roller dyno and two fitting bays. This new space primed us to develop our own vehicle set up for the following seasons UK Time Attack Series.

We acquired our second new development vehicle in 2017, a polished metal FK8 Civic Type R. With the in depth knowledge gained from the FK2 platform, we were able to develop products that were cross compatible with the FK8.l

2016 saw Dream support the Honda VTEC Challenge Race series as Official Safety Car for the Race Season. This allowed us to gain valuable data early on from the K20C1 Engine in the FK2 platform allowing us to fine tune our products during this time.

In 2015 we welcomed the arrival of our first factory new development car. A Championship White FK2 Civic Type R. This car formed the foundation of what the business would be built upon. Working together with existing and upcoming brands, we built a reputation and became instrumental to the R&D and release of various high-end FK2 aftermarket products. We worked closely with the likes of Eibach, Eventuri and Syvecs which set Dream Automotive up to achieve great things in the aftermarket tuning industry.

The success of the development car led Dream to raise the bar even further which saw more of our own branded Dream Products being developed and brought to market.

With more and more products becoming available there became a need market and retail. This saw the start of www.dream-automotive.com as our online store shop front.

2014 gave birth to Dream Automotive. Although initially operating mobile, the first Dream Automotive premises came within only 2 months of starting up the business. We were based within the grounds of a school for young men with learning difficulties and behavioural issues. We did not want to miss the opportunity to give back to the school and provided training and qualifications for NVQ level 1 Motor Studies.

By 2013 Phil had Honda dealership workshop control over various sites and identified a gap in the market for a new model Honda Performance division or specialist. The original idea was to develop tuning products to for the fast approaching FK2 platform which used the brand new K20C1 turbo-charged power unit.

In 2002 Phil began work within the Honda UK Main Dealer Network. Over the next decade, Phil grew within the network from a Honda apprentice to becoming the Workshop Foreman across multiple sites.