J's Racing Black Series Damper Kit RR | Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+

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Jointly developed with RS-R, J'S RACING circuit spec harmonic drive

                   "BlackSeriesDamper RR" for CIVIC FK8 is finally born!!

Complete feedback on the know-how cultivated over the past 20 years not only in circuits and races in each category but also in street sports driving.

This FK8 exclusive RR damper is J'S's highest peak high-spec racing damper that not only has a time attack on the circuit but also performs street sports driving and has both durability and stability! As a result of repeated specification change tests over a long period of time, the release model has finally been completed!

Since the spring rate is higher than that of a general harmonic drive kit, it is possible to achieve a lower down and the front-rear rate balance is also a combination that emphasizes cornering.

Please experience the Black Series Damper RR, which supports a wide range of users from full-scale circuit users competing for 1/1000 second to street sports users! !! !!


  • ● Basic spring rate

    Front inner diameter 66φ / H152mm / 18kg, rear inner diameter 66φ / H178mm / 18kg

    As a damper characteristic of RR , it is a damper that specializes in generating damping force during minute repetitive strokes, and boasts the characteristic that tires always catch the road surface even during high-speed driving such as on a circuit .

    Damper oil generates smooth damping even when it is cold, and also has the property of not easily causing oil film breakage at high temperatures . It can be used on the street because it is hard to feel the hardness even when it is cold .

    ● Front / rear damping force adjustment type Full length adjustment type
       Front dedicated stabilizer link attached

    The shell case adopts a full length adjustment type and can be set up without sacrificing the bump stroke amount by shortening the case length and stroke.

    The camber angle can be adjusted by adopting a pillow upper mount on the front .

    The damping force is adjusted in 36 steps (single adjuster) at the same time for both front and rear . It is possible to set according to the stage and conditions.

    In addition, all models can be overhauled, so don't worry about after-sales.

    Front and rear mounted tire size (mounted tire brand ADVAN A052)
    Front 265 / 40R18 ・ Rear 265 / 40R18

    Recommended vehicle height (jack-up point)
    Front 130mm from the ground ・ Rear 150mm from the ground


* Kit contents (for CIVIC FK8 only)

  •  Front Rear Full length adjustable shock absorber / spring
  •  Rear adjuster
  •  Vehicle height adjustment wrench / hexagon wrench
  •  Dedicated stabilizer link
  •  Damper Warning Canceller (Not sold separately)

The genuine shock absorber of this vehicle uses an electronically controlled adaptive damper system. The warning light can be turned off by installing this product (canceller), but the electronic control function is cut off.

* Please remove the upper mount on the rear side from the genuine one before use.

* After mounting, check the tightening of bolts and nuts on a regular basis. Especially before driving on the circuit, please do it every time.

* This product is a kit manufactured with original data and cannot be purchased from RS-R.


    • Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+


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