Cusco Rear Power Brace | Toyota Yaris GR | FXE | 2021+

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A Cusco Power Brace adds rigidity to your vehicle, reducing the amount the body flexes under load. This provides more direct handling.

  • Designed to use factory mounting points
  • Rigid steel construction

Cusco's Power Brace range is designed to add rigidity to your vehicle. Bolting onto factory mounting points, and then bracing those two points with a high strength bar, the Cusco Power Brace reduces flex under load.

A more rigid body means a more direct connection between you and the road. This reduces power lost to chassis twist and enhances grip during hard cornering or braking.


  • Enhanced grip
  • Allows you to get more power down
  • Easy to fit


    • Toyota Yaris GR | FXE | 2021+


    Dream Automotive offers in-house fitting on all products at our workshop in Luton, Bedfordshire.


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