Rampage Titanium Exhaust Stud Kit | Honda Civic Type R | FK2/FK8/FL5

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Factory Studs can be a very difficult element of working on these cars, so Rampage has addressed this with a known solution: titanium replacement studs.

They are made from 6al4v titanium and are specifically intended to not corrode or otherwise seize when being serviced. The stud threads are rolled, and the nut threads are machined which creates a mating surface of different harnesses, thus reducing the tendency to seize and gall.

These are for the turbo as well as the downpipe.  They can even be used for other exhaust connections like the downpipe to the front pipe.

Each kit includes 4, 8, or 11 studs depending on what flanges you would like to upgrade to Titanium hardware.

The turbo and downpipe both take 4 studs, and the front pipe flange takes 3. If you would like to do turbo, downpipe, and the front pipe flange, a kit of 11 is also available.


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    3-10 days