Dream Automotive Weighted Gear Knob

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Created from a solid billet piece of stainless steel, keeping the original shape and size of the standard gear knob yet increasing the weight to improve gear throw and feel when shifting between gears. 

After testing several weights of gear knob we came up with a gear knob that weighs 260g more than stock and found that this gives the best increase in feel. 

Precision engraved with our very own dream logo and standard shift pattern with larger numerals for clarity. 

This shift knob uses the same threading as what is on the factory component, making for a quick and easy upgrade on your shifting, The knob will also fit all other Honda models using (M10x1.5).

We have paid particular attention to the finishing of the knobs with PVD coatings applied for a quality look, feel, and durability, keeping with the Type R ethos

Standard weight 140g

Dream Gear Knob weight 420g


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