Dream FK8 Civic Type R

Here you will find all the products and upgrades used on our FK8 Civic Type R

Over the years, we have owned our fair share of FK8 Type R's at a multitude of different specification levels, however none are quite as wild as our white FK8 which is now rocking a very serious set of parts, the highlight of which being a 6-speed Quaife Sequential Gearbox which is utilising pneumatic shifting.

This gearbox is mated to a fully built engine and the car is controlled entirely by the amazing Syvecs Standalone ECU. This car, when completed, will be a monster, a showcase of what the FK8 Type R is capable of when no corners are cut and probably very scary...

Between this car and our previous, 2019 Time Attack Championship winning FK8, we have developed our own line of high-end performance products.

Check out the full spec list here!