Honda Civic Type R | FL5 | Cooling

Upgrading the cooling system on a FL5 Civic Type R can prevent the engine from overheating, especially during high-performance driving. The new Honda Civic Type R’s are well known to suffer from cooling issues such as overheating due to the front mounted Turbo, which is why many customers choose to upgrade the different aspects of the cooling system. The benefits of more efficient and effective cooling system improve performance and reliability, increased lifespan of the engine, and the ability to run the engine at higher power output without risking damage. An upgraded cooling system may also allow for quicker cooldown times between sessions, reducing the risk of engine seize, and provide more stable and consistent temperatures. Overall, upgrading the cooling system can improve the FL5 Civic Type R’s performance and longevity, making it a valuable investment for serious racers and enthusiasts. Below you will find Radiators, intercoolers and hard pipe kits, silicone hose and thermostats, higher efficient fluids and component heat shielding……’ll be able to find whatever you need to keep your car cool - literally!